She loves same birthday astrology dating someone mmmm ass

"The stereotypical Capricorn male. Capricorn in Sun and Moon (double trouble!,
How do people who are born on the exact same day fare astrologically? I'd imagine many shared traits would be present, with the only differences being the ascendent sign?
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i have dated a guy with the same birthday as me and we are very different.
first of all, men and women are different but i think that your moon sign, rising sign, etc. makes you different from someone who shares the same birthday. i am born on july 8 (cancer), but i have a lot of leo in my chart, so i act a lot more like a leo than a cancer.
"The stereotypical Capricorn male. Capricorn in Sun and Moon (double trouble!,
Okay, but here is the thing.... i did this person's birthchart - this person I had in mind - and almost all signs are identical except the rising sign.

We were also born in the same place, on the exact same day of the year and the exact same year.
The two mem I had the most intense attractions in my lifetime so far were born on the exact same day (same year). They are of different races. But I felt a strong energy flowing bwteen us when I sat next to them. Never felt that with other men. How can you explain that???
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I know 2 guys who were born exactly on the same date, month, year and they both are into me. One happens to be my boyfriend now and the other guy is trying to steal me from him in every opportunity given. (they both are Aries)

They both were born in the different countries (one in Denmark, one in Australia) but somehow they are fortunated to move and transfer to live in the same country one day due to their jobs (Malaysia)

One is flirthy rich and successful since very young age and other one is struggle with his current job now and living ok (my bf yeah...) One is fat and just average looking while the other one is a real hottie and sexy (yeahhhh my bf again!! hehe)

One is very mean and cruel while the other one is kind and generous (i think these personality traits from where they are from as Scandinavian guys are normally known to be cold and very blunt and Aussie guys are more laid back and funny)

Everytimes my bf plans to come to visit me (BKK) the other guy would get the schedule to come here for business as well (they dont know each other!)

I dont know how to explain this? hahaha
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"Not only do you need to look at the signs of the various aspects but also look into the degrees of the aspects in which the planets are. That makes a difference on a persons over all reading of the chart."

i agree with sb. the ascendant makes a great difference too, it colors the chart, sets up the house cusps and how the person naturally responds to a new stimulus (such as new people or new environment). the degrees are important as well (as mentioned by sb) because reading by orbs are much more accurate than reading by signs in aspects. i've met one girl who had a similar chart to mine, same sun and ascendant, but different moon because birth location also affects the degrees of the planets. the girl and i only differed by four aspects (because of our different moons) and our houses were slightly different, thereby our planets were placed in different houses. we are similar in some ways, but totally different in other respects.
moonchild, that's pretty cool. I'm born on july 8th also and I'm currently dating someone born on the same date. Different years, different rising signs, we're different
Hello!, I am new here... Long time reader but just now actually participating. I am involved with a Cancer man (seems to be popular here lol). It has been a few years of being close friends/talking but actually seeing one another consistently since Nove
I realized something. We are essentially saying what the other is. I don't mean we are saying the same thing, I believe that as we try to get our point across and say what we mean. We end up actually saying the opposite. What do I mean by that? Well, let'