Enjoy bouncing reed dating and nikki paul that horny

Love is in the air for American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. The Bradley Cooper look alike is singing sweet country love songs to Nikki Reed. Yes, that’s right Nikki Reed from Twilight. Paul McDonald is dating a vampire chick. How did these two hook up?

According to E! Online, Nikki Reed has been referring to Paul McDonald as her “boyfriend” and the two lovebirds have been texting up a storm. They first met when the Top 13 American Idol contestants were taken to see Red Riding Hood early last month. Nikki went up to Paul and said, “You’re amazing. I’m blushing, I should go.”

Paul McDonald had NO IDEA who Nikki Reed was and thought she was some lovestruck fan.  He responded, “Wow, thank you,” and gave her an awkward hug. After she left, Paul asked the American Idol camera crew, “Was she a famous actress or something? I’d hang out with her!” They’ve been inseparable ever since.  That’s right Paul, work the PR angle.

For Nikki Reed, she had been dating Paris Hilton’s ex billionaire boyfriend named Paris. Lucky for Paul McDonald, now he can get some Vampire love. Nikki a very sexy Taurus girl, is a loyal and down to earth girlfriend. I’m sure Paul finds her irresistible and he can write cheesy love songs about her.

Astrologically, this romance could work for Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald.  It’s a sweet and simple love, where they will enjoy hanging out together. Astrochicks approves!

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