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How to Meet Someone : Advice For Disabled Singles

Dating for Disabled People is not always easy but here some advice on things you can do :

-Contact your Local Association in your city and Meet People who have the same or different Disabilities than you have

-Try to Chat Online and Register to Niche Dating Sites but be careful and try to do it with a friend (Have you already heard of Acrotomophilia? If Not, Well you should before starting online dating)

-Why not try a Specialized National Sports League for people with disabilities (See also "Special Olympics" Organization link here at bottom) or local organizations with Disability Services

-When you are looking for singles or when you are ready to meet someone with or without a Disability : Be honest about your disability but do not only focus on it

-Try mainstream online communities like Tinder, Match or OKCupid. Don't be afraid if you receive higher rejection rates, it can happen more on mainstream dating sites rather than on niche disabled-dating websites

-Be introduced to someone by a friend or a relative. It's old school but it works!

-If you can go out easily even with your disability, here are some suggestions for going out : Go to the Church, Engage conversations at the Supermarket or your Local Store, Go to the Cinema or a Free Concert outside, Talk to your Neighbors (they can introduce the love of your life to you, who knows)

-Try to make new friends or have at least some good friends and don't stay alone

-Remember one thing : Everybody and I mean Everybody, with or without disabilities, experiences rejection when dating someone, Online or in the Real World. So Don't Worry, Don't be Sad and Don't Give Up. LOVE is waiting for you, I Promise.

Disabilities 101 : Most Common Health Conditions

A : Amputee People | Arthritis | Asthma
B : Bipolar Disorder
C : Crohn Disease | Cerebral Palsy
D : Diabetes | Dwarfism
H : Hearing Problems
M : Muscular Dystrophy
P : Physical Mental Disabilities | Paraplegic | Positive About Disabled
S : Sight Problems
W : Wheelchair Users

Online Resources : More Information about Networks, Services, Resource Centers, Rights and Benefits (ENGLISH)

ARCH Disability Law Centre (CANADA)
Just For You : People with Disabilities (CANADA)
Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD)/Conseil des Canadiens avec d´┐Żficiences (CCD) (CANADA)
Active Living Alliance/Alliance de Vie Active (CANADA)

Able National Resource Center (USA)
Office of Disability Employment Policy United States Department of Labor (USA)
National Center on Disability and Journalism (USA)
EARN | The Employer Assistance and Resource Network (USA)
Adata National Network (USA)
Access Board (USA)
Easter Seals (USA)

Disabled People (UK)
Enabled People (UK)

People with disability (AUSTRALIA)
Australian Network on Disability (AUSTRALIA)

Notes for the Disabled in Netherlands (NETHERLANDS)

Disability Services (IRELAND)
National Disability Authority (IRELAND)

Sweden's Disability Policy (SWEDEN)

Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) (NORWAY)

Living in Finland : Disabled persons (FINLAND)

Indiability : Disability in India (INDIA)

International Disability Alliance (INTERNATIONAL)
Disabled People International (INTERNATIONAL)
Down Syndrome International (INTERNATIONAL)
European Disability Forum (INTERNATIONAL)
World Blind Union (INTERNATIONAL)
World Federation of the Deaf (INTERNATIONAL)
Rehabilitation International (INTERNATIONAL)
World Disability Union (INTERNATIONAL)
Christian Blind Mission (INTERNATIONAL)
Special Olympics (INTERNATIONAL)
United Cerebral Palsy (INTERNATIONAL)
Federation For Children with Special Needs (INTERNATIONAL)

Usefuls Links : Disabled Dating Homepage | Disabilities 101 : Most Common Health Conditions : Amputee People | Arthritis | Asthma | Bipolar Disorder | Crohn Disease | Cerebral Palsy | Diabetes | Dwarfism | Hearing Problems | Muscular Dystrophy | Physical Mental Disabilities | Paraplegic | Positive About Disabled | Sight Problems | Wheelchair Users