Lichenometric dating curve

lichenometric dating curve

Farm ruins are similarly difficult for calibration purposes, as the lag time for lichen colonisation also requires an additional period for the ruination of the roof in order to expose the inside walls of the building; lichen colonisation on the outside of the building is undated in most instances. Such a disparity, unquestionable due to tephrochronological evidence, arises even though the lichenometric techniques are apparently robust: All research described in this paper was done in compliance with the laws of the United States and the state of Alaska. Thomson, J. In this approach, all thalli of a certain species typically R. Developed by Austrian Roland Beschel half a century ago, and first applied in the European Alps Beschel, this dating technique has been widely used in estimating the ages of recent geomorphic exposures, particularly glacial moraines Worsley Some studies have used these dated moraine records to make climatic inferences spanning the last three centuries e.

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Since the 14 th century, major volcanic eruptions resulting in heavy ash production and consecutive tephra deposition are numerous in Iceland.

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However, lichenometric results are often simplistically interpreted in Iceland: Arctic Alpine Res A complex suite of landforms, reworked to varying degrees over time, is more difficult to decipher.

lichenometric dating curve
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