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Krabs' office. Everyone then group-hugs. Retrieved from " https: SpongeBob then says that "It's great to be home! Upon the return of the jellyfish, SpongeBob greets them in a friendly manner, but is then repeatedly stung and chased into a cave by them. In this episode, SpongeBob gives up a modern life to live with the jellyfish. Finally deciding that the wild is not as good as he thought, SpongeBob returns to Bikini Bottom sadly while stating "buzz, buzz," after seeing Sandy's treedome and the Krusty Krab.

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However, he sees SpongeBob has already left and SpongeBob thinks he can do it, so he quits his job as a fry cook.

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Disheartened, but not giving up yet, SpongeBob tries to sleep in the cave, using a fern as a blanket, but ultimately feels itchy then removes the fern to find that he is getting covered by poisonous sea urchins, making him run out of the cave itching rapidly. Once he arrives at Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob is glad to be "home" and he tries to fit in with the other jellyfish, but cannot get the hang of it. Upon his return to the pineapplehe realizes his mistake; he had a great life and friends and gave it all up for nothing.

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