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The British press is going heavy on the absence from the stands of Williams’ 70-year-old dad and ex-coach Richard Williams, who stayed home in Hobe Sound with his much younger wife and their infant son instead of the traveling to London.

Serena Williams 31, bowed out of the fourth round after winning 34 consecutive matches.

NBC tennis commentator Chris Evert, of Boca Raton, said Williams may have been off because she has not played “anyone this tough” in quite a while.

Still, it’s been all about Richard Williams!

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The buzz is that Richard, whose most recent cell phone is disconnected and couldn’t be reached for comment, doesn’t approve of Serena’s new coach, Patrick Dempsey lookalike Patrick Mouratoglou. Mouratoglou, btw, is also alleged to be Serena’s lover — despite the fact he’s still married to his wife.

But a close friend of Richard’s tells Gossip Extra that the reason for his absence is closer to home.

“He loves (tennis champ and Serena’s sister) Venus more than Serena,” said the source, who asked not to be named publicly. “Venus can do no wrong in Richard’s eyes. When Venus declared forfeit (because of an injury) for Wimbledon and didn’t go, there was no way Richard would go.”

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Serena & Venus Williams’ Best Tennis Outfits Through The Years

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Serena & Venus Williams’ Best Tennis Outfits Through The Years

1. Remember when…Serena and Venus came onto the scene in the late 1990s wearing beads and braids?

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2. Serena sports one of her classic Puma tennis dresses at the 1999 US Open

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3. Venus rocks a cutout tennis dress at the 1999 Grand Slam Cup

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4. A young Serena Williams wears a two-tone tennis dress at the 2000 Australian Open

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5. Venus rocks one of her signature cutout tennis outfits at Wimbledon in 2000

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6. Serena goes pastel purple at the eStyle.Com Classic in 2000

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7. Venus and Serena looked super stylish at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

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8. Serena is pretty in pink 2001 French Open

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9. Venus rocks a spaghetti strap halter at the 2001 US Open

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10. Serena celebrates her 2002 Wimbledon win in a traditional (but not-so-traditional) white tennis outfit

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11. Serena is just a peach at the 2002 Home Depot Championships

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12. Serena’s orange and white 2003 Wimbledon Puma outfit

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13. Serena rocks a metallic empire waist at the Women’s Telecom Italia Tennis Masters in 2004

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14. Serena wins in her gorgeous 2004 Wimbledon outfit

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15. Serena rocks a denim tennis outfit at the 2004 US open Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

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16. Serena celebrates in this cute Nike ensemble at the 2005 Australian Open

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17. Serena experiments with a little color blocking at the 2009 French Open

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18. Venus gets sexy on the court at the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open

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19. Venus rocks a double slit tennis dress while playing with her sister at the 2010 Australian Open

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20. Serena goes pink on pink at the 2013 US Open

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21. Serena looks gorgeous in Pink Cheetah at the 2014 US Open

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22. More cheetah for Serena at the 2014 US Open

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23. Serena wears a yellow crop top at the 2016 Australian Open

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24. Serena and Venus get braided up in preparation for Rio Olympics

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25. Serena Williams represents Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics

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