Tits sanders dating rupert Kiara

Rupert Miles Sanders is an English film director. He is the director of the Snow White and the Huntman which grossed a little less than 400 million dollars. He is married to Liberty Ross, a model and sister of Atticus Ross. They have a son and daughter together. Their marriage got rocky when pictures of Rupert cheating his wife with Kristen Stewart were published in a magazine. This led to divorce separating a decade relationship in 2013. The separation was finalized in 2014.

This separation cost more than half of his marital assets as guilt money. Kristen Steward was starring in the Snow White movie as the daughter of Liberty. They were caught cheating by an American magazine.

Liberty filed for separation and claimed their 2 million dollar house and half of other assets. Soon after the separation, she started to date Jimmy Lovine. After ending her relationship with her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, Kristen started dating Rupert again after his separation. She wanted to continue the relationship, but, Rupet ended the relationship with her.

Liberty claimed that Kristen should apologize for tearing the family apart; but Kristine left a message on her phone that she would not do it. It is said that the director and the actress were having an affair for more than six months. Initially, Rupert denied those pictures and confirmed that he was not cheating. Liberty did not believe her husband. Rupert gave a public apology to Libery and the children. He said that he wanted her back in his life. But, Liberty said that she has done a lot to be a good mother and partner and she cannot put up with it any more.

The secret relationship was not the only reason for the separation. Their relationship was very rocky even before the pictures were published. Rupert used to isolate Liberty and they both were disconnected for a long time. Rupert’s relationship with Liberty after the separation is not known. Liberty considers that this incident would set a bad example for her children. The couple attended counseling to try and resolve the issues, but, Liberty was firm that the relationship was over.

It is said the Rupert confessed to Liberty about his secret love only 20 minutes after the pictures were all over the internet. Liberty was very furious and mad and immediately wanted a split from him. Liberty was very angry that Rupert was having an affair with a woman designed for vampires and snow white and who is almost half of his age.

It was said the Robert saw an intimate message from Rupert on Kristine’s phone. There are not details about the text message. But, it was intimidating enough to make Robert, move out of her house and break up with her.

Kristine is not the only woman Rupert had cheated with. There were a lot of old cheating tales that are not exposed to the public. Some sources say the Liberty was looking for the right time to teach Rupert a hard lesson for cheating on her frequently and found a way to do so by pulling away more than half of his money that he got from the Snow White movie and also his fame.