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Is David DeAngelo a Scam?

I’ve posted about David Deangelo and given a pretty good overview of his dating site. You find pretty standard articles of dating tips and dating trends for free, and you’re encouraged to buy David Deangelo videos, David Deangelo books, and other forms of David Deangelo pickup artist advice.

Now I wanted to present the other side of the David Deangelo picture. I’m not trying to sway opinions one way or the other here, but I want my readers to have all relevant sides of the picture. So I wanted to familiarize you with some of the complaints about David Deangelo seduction tips and his entire dating program.

Pickup Artists Scams and Criticisms

I’ll do the same with other pickup artists I discuss on here – maybe not “scams” and ripoffs, but criticism they have received from other people in the same industry. It’s natural that a competitive market like “dating”, which is full of marketers who are also “players”, is going to be full of charge and counter-charge, in order to undermine a competitor’s business, while marketing one’s own.

So my intention is to offer both sides and let you decide. Essentially, I’m talking about “fair and balanced”, except really fair and balanced. So here’s the David Deangelo scammer information.

1- Eben Pagan Scam

David DeAngelo is the alter ego of “Eben Pagan” (or vice versa). When you search for Eben Pagan, you’ll learn that he’s not just a dating consultant, but also an Internet marketer. On Twitter, Eben Pagan describes himself as interested in psychology, brain science, great music, raw food, philosophy, yoga, challenging himself, and changing the world.

Further research shows that David DeAngelo was a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego, but he decided to get into direct marketing and sales. After researching direct marketing, he starting marketing Double Your Dating, a highly successful e-book which teaches men how to meet women. This remains a major part of a business that supposedly brings in between $25 million and $30 million per year.

Other projects include the Get Altitude and Guru Mastermind Courses. He teaches people strategies for marketing online, along with maintaining a successful business. There’s also Wake Up Productive, a course about structuring your day for success, not only in a business sense, but a personal sense.

2- Is David Deangelo Scamming You?

Research into topics like “David Deangelo scam” produce another picture – that of a limited dating guru, but a skilled online marketer. More than one supposed former customers claims this marketing bleeds over into the realm of the Internet scammer.

Charges range from vague dating advice which doesn’t really work, to credit card scams for those who sign up for David De Angelo’s courses and e-books. This is the same scam which book-of-the-month clubs and online vendors use. They simply bill your credit card every month until you cancel – hoping you don’t notice that $20 being charged every month.

3- David DeAngelo – Scam Artist?

So if you buy a David Deangelo product, whether you like it or not, I suggest you check your credit card statement every month, to make sure you don’t get overbilled. This is good advice in any case, because there are so many hidden charges when we use the plastic. It might not be shocking to you that a player with women and online marketer would use such tactics. If it doesn’t, you’re probably not likely to be using his advice anyway.

David DeAngelo Dating Consultant Scam

In the end, you’re going to have to make this decision for yourself. I don’t like calling out dating experts, because while their advice itself might not be helpful, one thing all seduction experts and dating consultants do is quite helpful – get men more confident about approaching women. In the end, having the confidence to pick up a woman, and to keep trying with other women after getting shot down by the first, is the most useful dating tool you can have. Have confidence in yourself, but don’t have confidence in confidence men.

So verify your dating experts aren’t running a credit card scam on you. (One Final Note: When I was leaving the David Deanglo site, I got one of those popups trying to get me to stay on the site. That’s never a good sign.)

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