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It's easy to spot a pretty girl with a great body from across the bar. But, what you can't tell by just looking at her, is the size of her heart. A big heart is rare to find, but definitely something you should never let go of, and here's why...

1. A smile for a smile. 

It doesn't take much to make her happy - seeing others happy is a joy in itself. A smile is the greatest gift you can give her.

2. She's thoughtful.

She always remembers the little details, even the board meeting you told her about last week. When she asks how it went, she actually wants to know - she's not just asking because she feels she has to. She surprises you with your favorite treat from the bakery downtown, simply because she wants to. And if she's up and out before you are, she always calls to make sure you start your day with the words "good morning."

3. She appreciates every little thing you do.

Whether it's saying "have a good day!" or checking in to see how she's feeling, she's quick to realize it, and thank you for your sincerity.

4. You can always keep it simple.

Everyone loves a nice, romantic date every so often. But this big-hearted girl is more than happy to spend a night in with you, cuddling and watching a funny movie. Just spending time with her and showing her your love is more than enough for her.

5. A price tag says nothing about the quality of a gift.

Some of the best presents you can give this girl have no price tag. A picnic in the park, a night under the stars, or even a trip to the pet store to play with some puppies. It's the thought and effort you put into it that makes her smile, not a brand name or a dollar value. Who needs diamonds when you're already her best friend...

6. Her presence is undeniable.

When she walks into a room, she never tries to be the center of attention, but everyone else is always excited to see her. She's always there to help others with their problems and is always the one that people go to for advice. People will tell you time-and-time again that you're one lucky guy.

7. She loves your family as if they were her own.

She's the first one to notice those blue Nike sneakers your brother was just raving over. She'll decide to buy them and give him an early birthday present just because she knows it'll make him smile. She will also be the first one to call up your parents and invite them over for a grand dinner she's prepared herself - even after a busy day at work.

8. When you're sick, she's in more pain than you are.

She hates to see you hurting and would give anything to make you feel better. Expect lots of tea, vitamin C, and chicken noodle soup brought to your bedside. Don't be surprised if she heads out to the pharmacy and comes home with every possible medication and remedy available. She just wants to see you get well, even if it puts her at risk of catching whatever you have.

9. She has lots of love to give.

The depth of her heart is never-ending. She remembers the first time you said the words "I love you" and how her body trembled as chills ran up her spine. She remembers the first time you told her that she was beautiful and the look in your eyes when you said it. She's sure to be a fabulous mother to your future children, and raise them with the same great values she possesses.

10. She's your best friend and your girlfriend.

No need to keep up the tough guy act around her. If you need to let your guard down, cry, or de-stress, she's more than happy to be there for you. She also understands that you need your "guy time" and is always the first to tell you to go hang out with your boys for the night.