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  • 2012 MBC Moon that embraces Sun

    making Directed : Kim Do Hoon/Script : Jin Su Wan
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun(Lee Hwon), Hahn Ga In(Yonwoo), Jung Ik Wu(Yang Myung), Kim MinSeo(Youn Bo Gyeong)

    Drama Description

    An imaginary King of Jeosun dynasty Lee Hwon on the way returns to Palace from Onyang temporary palace with his Musa guard in the rainy night in harmony with beautiful moon light,
    happened to encounter a mysterious lady and lost his heart as if fell in love with her
    This mysterious lady never talked even her name and disappeared. Hwon named her Wol and by such encounter the sorrowful love between Hwon and female exorcist Wol has begun.

  • 2011 KBS Dream High

    making Directed : Lee Eung Bok, Script : Park Hye Ryun
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun(Song Sam Dong), Suji(Koh Hye Mi), WuYoung(Jaison), Eunjung(YounBaek Hee)

    Drama Description

    Though their individual origin, background, placed situation is different, children in talents united and
    entered an Arts academy Kirin Arts High School, and dreamed of becoming a top star.
    This is a variety drama depicted the process of becoming a world star achieving self-dream with great passion,
    ceaseless competition, and crossed love.

  • 2010 SBS Giant

    making Directed : Yu In Sik, Script : Jang Young Chul
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun(Lee Sung Mo –child role), Park Sang Min(Lee Sung Mo), Lee Byum Su(Lee Kang Mo)

    Drama Description

    The growth story of 3 brothers & sisters struggling to survive in the food chain of authority power, money,
    targeting the development right of Gangnam area in 1960s, 1970s being a grand story of a man revenges & loves
    confronting to light & dark side of economic development

  • 2009 SBS House of Father

    making Directed : Kim Su Ryong, Script : Lee Sun Hee
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun(Kang Jae Il), Choi Min Su(Kang Man Ho), Mun Jung Hee(Lee Hyun Jae)

    Drama Description

    All of a sudden a man has nothing, learn nothing had a son. And he was abandoned from son & lady finally
    became handicapped. He has nothing to continue his living but he leans to his aged father continued his living.
    Describes the love between parents and child strong but painful love

  • 2009 SBS Will the snow fall at Christmas?

    making Directed by : Choi Mun Suk, Script : Lee Gyeong Hee
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun(Cha Kang Jin-Child role), Han Ye Seul(Han Ji Wan), Song Jong Ho(Park Tae Joon)

    Drama Description

    At end of teens. a man and a woman fell into first love that will shake their life to have unwanted depart due to the accident happened in their childhood, and later they could meet again and to have love beyond fate....
    A human melodrama to get wet emotion of every ordinary people in this land

  • 2008 KBS Jungle Fish

    making Directed Choi Sung Beum, Script : Seo Jae Won
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun( Hahn Jae Ta), Park Bo Young(Lee Eun Su), Jang Ki Byeum(Hahn Dong Hee)

    Drama Description

    This is the only time for dreaming, and only place for breath and swim freely,.
    Jungle Fish means a fish that swept away to jungle by strong tornado wind from river or lake,
    It describes those youth suffers from the huge reality(jungle) created by adult in the period neither being children nor adult such as hell of entrance exam. etc. and experience growth pain to return to the sea(future), The real youth story more real than present life.

  • 2007 MBC Kimchi cheese smile

    making Directed : Jeon Jin Su, Script : Park Hye Ryeun
    Cast Kim Soo Hyun, Shin-gu, Lee Byung Lin, Lee Hye Young, Eeom Ki Jun, Yu Yon Ji

    Drama Description

    Kimchi! Cheese! Smile!
    A family look like kimchi having popular & conservative thought became family in law with a family
    like cheese being rich having stylish thought after long ordeals of happening..
    It depicts pleasantly opposite characters of two families through character building of their various shape of lives


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