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Would you date someone who was uneducated ?

If what you mean by uneducated is someone who did not finish school or is not going to school. I would not mind if dating someone who is uneducated as long as she has good manners and the right values. For me being educated is not simply as going to school. It is more that. I can consider someone uneducated if that peron does not have good manners and values.
I think I understand the point you are making .Some persons went to school and yet they are uneducated fools and the truth be told you can sometimes have better conversation with someone who didnt go to school.I think the key is not whether you went to school or not but how you use the knowledge you have because some persons who didnt go to school have use "street smarts" to do much better than the "so called learned "persons.I suppose some heart goes into it as well.Thank you for your answer
February 26, 2009 11:13am CST
Disclaimer : I am not here to bash uneducated people, as a matter of fact I have had some of the most enlightening conversation with the so called uneducated persons ,just exploring this situation Now many parents encourage their children to pair up with someone who was educated and sophisticated but what if cupid has other ideas ?.What if you met someone who has some very endearing qualities ,basically everything you have ever wanted in a partner but they were uneducated ?Would you try to be with such a person ? Now may idealists are going to answer unequivocally “yes” but sometimes such persons can be very difficult to be with especially if they feel insecure .These persons are prone to be easily angered especially if they feel that they are being slighted and often times they misinterpret what you are saying .Consequently life with your “unlettered” prince could be burdensome at times . I suppose too the idealists are going to defend their point by saying that they could really enjoy life with this uneducated man who values the opportunity to be with such an exotic woman more than an educated man who would trivialize her importance because he is used to being with such women So what are your views ? ,experiences are also welcomed
When I met my husband I was 17 and he 26. I was in college and he is a high school drop out. We have been married 7 years. He is a very intellegent man who is happy with what he does and encourages me to go to school so that I can fulfil my dreams (that require degrees). I have never found him to be burdensome, as a matter of fact he helps me with my homework(I am taking senior level classes and will ask for his input and help during my masters also) I can honestly say that it was not my goal of education that attracted him but I am bless by God to have him for my husband.
What an interesting discussion. If I was younger it wouldn't matter if a man was educated or uneducated if I fell in love. When I was a teenager it didn't make any difference since I pretty much knew there was no future. I dated a couple of stupid guys in my lifetime but they were fun to be with and treated me like a girl. Being the tomboy I was way back then, it wasn't easy at times! lol I had my eye on one fellow when we were in grade school. There was something about him I couldn't help but notice, even as a kid. We dated all through high school and got married after college. I only have one year of college so this makes me fit into the group of being uneducated in this day and age. My husband has a degree and works hard in his field. Knowing what I know now and being in the grandma age group, my choice of men would be educated or atleast someone who could carry a conversation with anyone at anytime. A man who knows a little bit about all subjects is more appealing to me vs. a man who knows alot about one subject. Since I am not looking for another man, I can be an old grandma who enjoys the company of her husband.
I married my husband because he was bright and articulate.Had a wicked sense of humour and I loved him and still do.A few men chatted me up but I could tell within minutes if we were suited by their conversations,interests maybe sometimes it took a few meetings to decide if it was worth going on with,I could not live with someone who's only interest was football and how many pints they could chuck down their necks on a friday night.Then I could not live with someone who was super clever as I am not very sophisticated and find some things very boring.So I suppose you go for your interlectual level.To be honest I have never been out with anyone who cannot read and write.I would agree with you on the whole uneducated men are sometimes easy to anger being frustrated by not being able to make themselves understood,but then I would steer clear of that type of man anyway.I would never put anybody down who could not read or write or stop talking to them as that is unecessary and cruel and if I like someone it would make no difference,but to live my life with an uneducated man to be totally honest no.As I like my husband to sort things out and feel looked after as my husband does and enjoys doing it,i suppose it is what ever suits you but for me it would be a big No.My older children both chose someone intelligent to live with and marry,which is good as after the passion has gone or slowed down they need someone to share interest and talk to.Living a life with someone who could not interact on alevel with me would be very frustrating ,going around an ancient momument or castle having to explain everything and read all the plaques to them would be to much for me and embarrasing for them,you do that for young children not for my Hero in life.Probably be shot down in flames for this honest answer but I am nothing but honest.xxx
hi yes i would education does'nt make the person it's what they truly are .just bacause they don't have a education does'nt mean anything if they treat you rightsome of the biggest jerks are educated
intelligence =/= education I would want to be with someone who was intelligent, but I wouldn't care if they were educated or not. There are a lot of people who have plenty of raw intelligence, but no formal education. Yes, I would be irritated if someone was unable to follow what I was saying or get what I was hinting at, but that has more to do with communication skills and common sense rather than how many books they've read. Conversely, I know a lot of people with PhDs who are dumb as bricks. I wouldn't want to be with any of them.
I would. If she knew how to respect others, have a good sense of humor and if shes real pretty. I'm sure I can handle her then. :)
i can't date someone who is not as smart as me. i want someone just as smart as me, or smarter, i just don't want to be doing everything myself.
I will do that if he is very rich. Lol :-)
The term uneducated is rather a blur to me. I guess you can be educated even if you do not go to a formal school. For me experience is also a form of education. I really think that we should not judge a person from what he/she has taken in life because there are just things that we the supposed educated people do not know what these uneducated people know too. So we just have to respect them who they are and what they can do.
I don't know. Being a guy, I would always like to go for an educated girl. Dating uneducated means that she would be so happy with me that she wouldn't even notice that this is a date or something like that.
I would. I don't usually talk about academics whenever i'm with an uneducated person. As long as she has a fine personality and dresses appropiately, then i'd give it a go. I'm pretty much aware of some information about my date, it's good this way so as not to come up with degrading topics or something that will offend her.
Not anymore, I am married! LOL In the past I have, and it didn't bother me at all. Justy because someone chooses not to pursue an education doesn't meant that they aren't intelligent or talented.
Acctually, my boyfriend was graduated from junior high school and I was graduated from college. My families all opposed me to have relationship with him. However, I think he is the best guy I have met. He is handsome, smart, and loves me so much. Although he has no much money, no house and no nice job, I still believe he will be very successful in future. Be confident to your half, if you choose to be together with her/him. I will insist my choice.
Hi ronnyb! Maybe! I have dated a lot of professionals before and many came from the same university I went. I guess, it is because of the kind of circle I am in. But that does not mean that being educated is one of my requirements to accept a date. It just happens that men or boys who were asking me on a date before where all educated. And even if educated men asked me on a date, I don't readily accept..I want to be sure somehow that they are nice and kind. I will only go out with men, educated or less educated, who knows how to behave! LOL! Take care and have a great day! lovelots..faith
I had a relationship a few years ago with someone who was more "educated" than me and you know at first I felt intimidated by his knowledge and then realised that he was actually enjoying making me feel small and as I learned about his chosen subjects I realised that, yes he had more schooling but he was not any more intelligent than me, in fact he lived with his parents and had no idea how to even pay a bill on his own! I have not seen him for 10 years and I've heard that his life is less than ideal now. Dr Wayne Dyer wrote in his book "Your Erroneous Zones": "...This vision of intelligence predicates formal education and bookish excellence as the true measures of self fulfilment. It encourages a kind of intellectual snobbery that has brought with it some demoralizing results...mental hospitals are clogged with patients who have all the properly lettered credentials – as well as many who don’t. A truer barometer of intelligence is an effective, happy life lived each day and each present moment of every day”. So my point is it depends on the individuals of course and a person can be uneducated and very intelligent and interesting and if the chemistry is right between the two people how much schooling they've had should not be an issue.
I think the question is, do you connect with the person ?. I have friends from all walks of lfe. I hold them all in high esteem. Some are very well educated others not so well. But I would never judge them on any level. It is someone’s personality that draws me to a person. I do know many people that are educated and others that are not, some I love, other not so much. It is they type of person they are, that is key.
I do not mind dating a women which is uneducated, there is no difference. What matter is how you feel each other. Sometimes a person who is educated will be very particular and choosy in everything.
I think it is very easy to tell if somebody is educated or not by just looking at them first thing, then by listening their talking. I would not mind to talk to them but probably not dating. No offence.