Pisces men dating she got some

If you want to get cozy with a Pisces man and eventually win their heart, you will have to take some action to get to the point of a heated spark here and there. Pisces may be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, but when it comes to getting close to one, it isn’t as easy as you would think. The Pisces man is charming, polite, spiritual, soft spoken and he has an air of innocence. If you want to get closer to a Pisces man and warm his heart, consider the following tips to make him notice you and consider you as a potential partner.

Be The Extrovert

Pisces men are for the most part, introverts. To warm up to this man, you need to be more outspoken then he is. This does not mean rude, brash or loud as that will have him out the door and down the street in seconds. Be outspoken in the sense where you approach him first and start up an ice breaker conversation. He usually loves art and information, so bring up creative topics and talk about your favourite artists or the last book you read. You can speak to a Pisces man about anything creative or culturally enlightening as it will make him feel more at ease with you because you share the same interests.

Sophistication Is Key

If you like to wear elegant dresses and perfume, and if you can possess confidence while you strut by him, your Piscean man will notice you. A Pisces man loves sophisticated confident women and elegance is the key to his heart. He values beauty and intelligence, so be both at all times! Just keep in mind that this sensitive gent isn’t into wild flowers, mohawks, tattoos and tongue piercings and you will be off to a good start.

Add A Dash Of Erotica

A Pisces man loves a woman who is also a bit exotic and erotic and even though they won’t seek out this type of woman, they would love to meet one. A Pisces man will gladly give up his reclusive nature to a woman like this, but remember, it will always be behind closed doors as Pisces men don’t kiss and “show” in public.

Practice The Art of Actively Listening

If you are a good listener and can focus on someone’s problems, thoughts and expressions without letting your mind wander, you just may be able to win the heart of a Pisces man. Pisces men love woman who can listen and not interrupt. They are good listeners, therefore, they value a partner who can do the same.

Talk About Your Family As #1

Pisces men place their family as a top priority. If you talk and share about your family with your Pisces man, he will most likely warm up to you fast. He is the type of man that will introduce you to his family once he knows you are someone he wants to commit to. He will even consider you a family member as your relationship develops. As a family guy all around, he will love meeting your family unit if you have a strong family base and he will want to get involved in family activities every chance he gets.

Pisces men are unique creatures, soft and creative, yet they have a mysterious side that women cannot always figure out. Move slow with your Pisces man, share your dreams and goals, express your feelings towards him and go from there. Most likely, you will pull on some of your Pisces man’s heart strings and light a fire.