Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease

tasmanian devil facial tumour disease

Contact us Postal Address: She wounded a male and by October both devils had DFTD, which was subsequently spread to two others an incident that in retrospect would be understood in the context of the allograft theory of transmission. Scientific Reports. Previous reports have shown the vast majority of DFT1 tumours are CD3 negative reflecting the lack of immune response to this tumour and as we have noted in the text lymphocyte infiltration is associated with a more positive prognostic outcome in many single organism tumours Chee et al. The Mercury. Tissue biopsies and fine needle aspirates were either collected post mortem or from live devils that were subsequently released. Natl Acad.

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Unfortunately, at present we cannot contribute any other data to determine the function of the non-classical MHC class I, this will have to remain speculative.

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The authors thank the histology department at the University of Southampton Hospital for H and E staining and paraffin embedding some tumour samples. Dr Rodrigo Hamede.

tasmanian devil facial tumour disease
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