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Transcription involves listening to a recording and converting it into written text. The most common form of transcription is from spoken-language into text, usually on an electronic media, such as the computer, so as to facilitate the printing of the same on a hard copy.

Transcription services are often provided for business, legal or medical purposes. Some common examples where a transcription service is required includes, interviews, court hearings and conversations between doctors and their patients.

Sounds easy doesn’t it. Simply listen and type! Well, it’s so much more than that. Ensuring words are not missed and misunderstood, is vital. In addition, grammar, punctuality, correct use of syntax, terminology and style also needs to be considered. The transcriber must ensure that words are simply not lost.

If you are a first-timer and have audio data to convert into black and white, we suggest you go through these basic pointers that will help you pick the apt transcription services in Mumbai or anywhere across the globe.

       1. Assurance of Security

Your audio information to be transcribed, may contain sensitive information, such as testimonials, health records, financial records, etc. Needless to say, loss or misuse of such form of data may raise serious security concerns. It is imperative that you work with a quality transcription team, such as Stylus who offers highly secured transcription services with strong assurance of security for all your confidential data.

       2. Data Specific

While there are loads of transcription service providers out there claiming to offer quality results, connect with Stylus, provider of professional transcription services, who with its wide reserves of experts understand industry-specific nuances, specific jargon, abbreviations, and unique phrases, aims to provide quality transcription services.

       3. Assurance of Quality

Error free verbatim transcriptions depend on quality transcriptionists. Before you consider a service provider, check what standards of approval they follow. Is it ninety-eighty per cent or higher? Remember, higher the standard, higher are the chances of an error-free document.

       4. Recommendations

Most of us depend on a review before we buy that movie ticket, don’t we? And with reviews so widely accessible on social platforms, we suggest that you read all those presented reviews before you make up your mind and loosen your pockets.

      5. Turnaround time

The big question! How much time is it going to take? On-time delivery is critical for your transcripts. Does your service provider meet your time requirement? How fair is their turnaround time? Also, if they agree to speed up, ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Still have doubts! Unsure on whom to connect with to get that everything you need across the finish line? Connect with Stylus and pleasure the dual advantage of quality and on-time turnarounds without burning a hole in your pockets.

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