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Beautiful Japanese Women's Cultural Insights!

Do beautiful Japanese women surround you and you just gotta date one?  

They are gorgeous but come from a radically different culture.  Be sure to avoid any faux pas with these insights on their culture.

Learn some new 'Nippon' words at the same time! ;-)

So what are some major differences that will affect your dating life with a lady from Japan?

The first one is one of the pillars of Japan's culture: Aimai

Beautiful Japanese Women Respect 'Aimai'

What is 'Aimai'?

That's the Japanese word for 'vague' or 'imprecise'.  In Japan it's considered rude to prod or question in order to get the facts straight.  For example if your Japanese date tells you that she'll be an hour late it's best for you to just say 'okay' and just meet her in the next hour.

If you were to ask her "why" and prod some about what made her late she would blush.  It would be rude of you to do that because you're supposed to keep things vague.

You see - vagueness makes it easier for you to do Honne Tatemai.

What's that?

People From Japan Value 'Front'
and 'Harmony' (Honne Tatemai)

When you start chatting up a woman from Japan you'll be surprised at how polite she is.  She won't reject you even if she'd want to.


She wants you to keep face and to keep the apparent 'harmony' between you.

Another example is if you J-walk with your date in Osaka or Tokyo and the police see you - they won't say anything. 

How come?  Again because you'll lose face and it will disrupt the apparent harmony.

They might mention "Hey the light is red." It won't be a yell or anything so that they don't get too much attention.

So when you go on dates you can expect her to be flexible with where you take her to keep the good times going.  For more on what how to make dating a Japanese woman a success - click on the link.

Beautiful Japanese Ladies Are More 'Free'

No curfews:  Beautiful Japanese women are okay with breaking their curfews in order to do what they want. 

This is good for you because that means you can have dates regardless of how long it will be.

A beautiful Japanese woman will just text her parents "I missed the last train".

Her parents won't ask questions because it would be rude to do so.

Note: This is different from Korean or Mainland Chinese women who are more prone to obey curfews. 

Also in Japan most women don't take taxis home when everything shuts down.  It's actually often cheaper to get a hotel. 

Japanese ladies also don't have to tell their friends about who they're dating. 

As an expat dating in Asia - You are fortunate.

"What Is Dating Hot Japanese Women Like?"

It's a lot of fun.  All my friends who live or have lived in Japan enjoyed their dating life and the women they met.

Some got married and others love staying single.  What about you?  Once you know what Japanese ladies are like when dating - what would your ideal dating life be like?

Click on the link for more! ;-)

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