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It is no secret that Shailene Woodley was linked romantically with several worthy guys including Daren Kagasoff, Theo James, and Ansel Elgort. But yet she has not confirmed about her current love affair. Keeping romance out of the spotlight, Shailene, however, has found someone special off-screen as she smiled coyly when she was asked if she is currently in love.

Although it is not yet confirmed that she is having any love affair, these days Shailene is surrounded by the dating rumors with the leader of the jam band Nahko Bear. So, how did this rumor spread? Are Shailene and Bear really dating or it's just a hoax? Read the full article for the answer.

Here, we will also give you details about Shailene Woodley's past love affairs and relationships. Just stay with us.

Shailene alleged boyfriend Nahko Bear

Bear is not one of Woodley's co-star but he seemed to have a large impact on her life. Bear's band has put out music that Woodley claimed changed her life. Bear and Woodley's romantic love affair rumors for two years helped to the speculation that they are in a real relationship.

Shailene with her alleged boyfriend Nahko Bear

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However, neither has confirmed about their relationship.

Let's find out more about Shailene's past affairs.

Shailene's Past Love Affairs Rumor

Daren Kagasoff and Shailene dating rumor

The 25-year-old actress had dating rumors with her co-star Daren in past. They have appeared in many movies being romantically linked and thus, people started speculating about their relationship beyond the screen. None of the actors confirmed that they were dating each other and thus eventually the rumors regarding their relationship drowned.

Rumored girlfriend and boyfriend couple Shailene and Daren

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However, Daren once revealed that he had a crush on Shailene.

Theo James and Shailene

Shailene was linked with her English co-star of movie Divergent Theo James. Their chemistry was perfect and fans wanted to see them together off-screen as a couple as well. But they never dated each other considering that James has a girlfriend since very long.

Rumored girlfriend and boyfriend couple Theo James and Shailene

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However, it is not yet confirmed about James and his girlfriend relation but there is still a question mark about the relationship of Shailene with James.

Ansel Elgort and Shailene

We can see Ansel and Shailene in the movie The Fault In Our Stars. The rumor started taking the surface about the love affair of Ansel and Shailene, but during an interview with Deadlines, Shailene has denied the dating rumor.

Rumored girlfriend and boyfriend couple Ansel and Shailene

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In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Ansel revealed he's never been attracted to Woodey, despite their long friendship. Shailene has not yet confirmed herself about her actual relationship in front of the media. We all hope she will soon meet her soul mate.

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