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Carmine Dominick Giovinazzo is an American singer and actor. He is famous for his role in CSI: NY as Detective Danny Messer.  He got married to Vanessa Marcil in 2010 and in 2011, Carmine announced that they are expecting a baby, but, by the end of 2011, they announced that  Vanessa had a miscarriage for two times, the same year. The next year, Vanessa filed for a divorce from her husband. She stated irreconcilable differences as the reason. The separation was finalized in 2013. Vanessa has a son with her former boyfriend, Brian Austin Green and was also married to Corey Feldman.

They got married in New York. Her son was present for the marriage. As per the separation settlement, Marcil got the house and the clothing line, Baby Gagoo. Carmine got his automobiles and many other assets. She also requested Carmine to pay the legal fees and provide spousal support.

There is a rumor that right before the wedding, Vanessa was cheating Carmine and had an affair with Jilliam Michaels. It is not proved and there were no comments from Vanessa and Jillian. It is said that they were found kissing and canoodling in many public places. It was said that they referred to each other as best friends. There are no reports as how Carmine took this incident. There was no evidence of fight or any argument that happened between them because of this. Was Carmine, gay? Jillian Michaels is an American trainer and she was seen a lot with Vanessa. There were rumors that Carmine and Vanessa separation was due to the fact that she is homosexual. However, there is no proof to confirm that, as of now. Jillian has also not mentioned about her relationship with Vanessa. A few mention that Jillian was just a trainer for Vanessa, who helped to lose weight for her wedding. Jillian Micheal’s lesbian lifestyle is known to the public, but her relationship with Vanessa, right before the wedding caused a lot of rumors to arise. After the separation, she was seen with Tylor Christopher. She was dating Tylor before she was dating Green.

Though there were a few speculations that Carmine was gay, the rumors died out soon because there was no evidence to prove it. Carmine did not comment on it, though. Carmine has a strong rule of keeping his life to himself. He has never talked about his life with his wife, Vanessa, why they broke up and their relationship after that.

The only personal information which was let out was that Vanessa was pregnant and her miscarriage. He never mentioned about his dating life and who he is dating as of now. He is not seen with any girl, who can be tagged as his secret girlfriend. On the other hand, Marcil is very open with her dating life and gives a list of guys, she has dated. The list includes, Corey, Tob Camilletti, Antonio Sabato Jr, Vince Neil, Nathan Fillion and so on. After Green, she has also dated Ben Younger and Jeremy Piven, before getting involved with Carmine. There is no evidence that she is dating someone, as of now.