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DT Heart & Soul will be more than just another online Christian dating website. The site provides online dating services exclusively for ICOC singles with its mission to keep a biblical standard of purity and depth in dating relationships within the church. DT Heart & Soul will provide a guided matching service for singles who are commended by their church leadership. The service aims to help single disciples find online friendships potentially developing into long-term relationships and marriage. The site will provide spiritually focused coaches, mentoring tools along with biblically based study guides and teachings on relationships that glorify God. Development and implementation of the site is being done side by side with evangelist and shepherds.

Here are some highlights of the development:

  • Unique value:
    • Verification that each site member is recommended by a church leader to be on the site
    • Suggested matches based on a personality profile and a spiritual profile
    • Online relationship coaching by professional Christian counselors
    • Online articles, exercises, video, bibliographies, etc.to help in relationship building
  • International Development Team -- From Bangkok to Dubai to Chicago, our development team is building this very complicated and valuable tool.
  • Focus groups of singles, counselors and ministry leaders giving input into development
  • Advisory Team of professional counsellors and ministry leaders
  • Identified 50 counselors and another 20 who are working on their credentials

Release Dates:

North America: FALL 2009

Other Regions: 2010 and beyond: Other regions of the world will be added as we secure qualified coaches, ministry input, technology and legal agreements to make certain the site is done well for that region of the world.

With this amazing tool now fully under development, here's how you can help:

DT Heart & Soul Coaches
1) Advisory Team: a few highly qualified professionals who are mature disciples to guide the development of the counseling side of DT Heart and Soul.
2) Clinical Psychologists to develop the personal and spiritual profiles each person will fill out when joining the site.
3) Licensed Counselors who will serve as spiritual coaches to help people in various stages of building relationships.

If you have been blessed with any of these talents and qualifications, or know someone who has, please submit the following to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1) Your current CV (resume)
2) Your spiritual history. Please include your baptism date, leadership history, current church and the name and email address of two ICOC church leaders for references.
3) A brief statement of why you want to help and what strengths you have to contribute

Other professional counselors:
We also would like to invite any and all professional counselors who are disciples within the International Churches of Christ and wish to be placed in our Disciples Today’s Christian counselors database. We are looking for licensed counselors who are faith members of the ICOC.

If you are interested, please send your current CV and spiritual history to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ?subject=DT%20Heart%20%26%20Soul%20Coaches">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.God has already preformed many miracles in bringing a number of disciples together from around the world to create this great tool. Now we need you to help bring this service to single disciples worldwide.