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A judge has doubled the amount of money that Marc Anthony has been paying to his ex-wife. Er … one of his exes. Marc and Jennifer Lopez are not technically divorced yet, but he pays JLo more than he was paying Dayonara Torres up until a few days ago. Dayanara has scored a slight victory in child support court. It would be a major victory for most child support recipients, but Daya’s score isn’t nearly as much as she was asking for.

Dayanara is the mother of Marc Anthony’s two eldest children (both sons), and she was receiving $13,000 per month in child support since 2004. She asked the court for an increase to $113,000 per month. Daya claimed Marc was hiding assets and that he really makes over $1 million per month. She wanted to be able to provide a lifestyle for her sons that would reflect Marc’s lifestyle. Dayanara claimed that she needed a nanny and a housekeeper. Hmm:

Case closed. Marc Anthony has settled an ongoing court battle this week with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres regarding child support. Us Weekly has confirmed that a judge ordered Anthony to pay $26,800 per month in child support for his two kids with Torres, sons Christian and Ryan.

Anthony, 45, was previously paying $13,400 a month. Torres requested that amount be raised to $123,426 a month in November 2013, citing lifestyle changes, in addition to child support needs. Part of the ten-fold child support increase included the need for a nanny and housekeeper, which would cost Torres up to $7,000 a month.

Us obtained the court documents detailing the exact amounts Anthony has been ordered to pay. Anthony’s legal team offered $28,000 per month — the judge ordered $26,800. According to the documents, his team also offered $30,000 per year for travel — the judge ordered $12,000.

The documents also revealed that the original judgment required Anthony to pay support until the kids were 21 plus college education. The judge terminated support when the kids turn 18 per California law.

The Latin sensation and former Miss Universe, 39, were married from 2000 to 2004. One week after their divorce was finalized, Anthony married Jennifer Lopez; the two announced they were separating in July 2011. (Anthony filed for divorce in 2012, but the parents to 6-year-old twins Emme and Max have yet to finalize their split.)

[From Us Weekly]

It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who thinks that they “need” a nanny and a housekeeper. Child support is supposed to be for the children, not the parent, and Marc’s sons probably don’t care if there’s a housekeeper or not. They’re also getting too old to have a nanny. The court must have agreed that Dayanara was asking for an excessive amount since they only doubled her support instead of going five-fold per request. At the same time … it’s not completely fair that Marc’s sons aren’t living the same lifestyle as their father, who is too busy dating 21-year-olds to notice. FYI: Daya is now receiving more child support than Gabriel Aubrey.

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